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Bookplates are a perfect gift for any lover of books and reading. It may never have crossed your mind to buy a personalized bookplate to give to said people. The "easiest" (in quotes) is give away a book, but I am sure that a bookplate will also be something they will never forget. They'll even thank you for it, as it allows them to show ownership of their books every time someone opens them.

Bookplates are labels or stamps that are included in books to make it known who they belong to. These property marks are pasted or stamped on the back of the book cover. They include the name of the owner, the library or the organization to which the book belongs, which is accompanied by a distinctive drawing / design and the word bookplate (although this does not always appear).

#exlibris are a perfect and ideal gift for any lover of #books and #reading in general. They are original, easy to use and very practical.

An #exlibris is a rubber stamp that is stamped on a #book to record the name of its owner and that usually includes a related drawing.

This type of personalized marking gives books a distinctive element of originality and ownership.. Your books, those of your relatives or friends will no longer mysteriously disappear or be misunderstood stolen from other people's shelves. So don't hesitate to buy a bookplate to ensure that your books always come home, or at least to know who they belong to.

Bookplate. "Seal that is stamped in a book to record the name of its owner." This masculine noun comes from the Latin expression ex libris (literally 'from (among) the books'), which used to be written in the book followed by the name of the owner, to indicate that this copy was "from the books of So-and-so". As a locution, it should be written in two words, but for the noun the simple bookplate spelling is recommended (as occurs with exvoto or exabrupto, other nouns from Latin locutions): "I even commissioned a beautiful bookplate to emphasize my possession" (Mundo [ Eng.] 20.4.96). However, writing in two words is also allowed: “Some of the copies […] have the ex libris handwritten by their owner” 

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