Terms and conditions of sale

These Terms and Conditions of Sale were last modified on January 1, 2022.


      Our sales made through the digisellos.es website are subject to the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALES that are indicated below and that prevail over all purchase conditions, except for modification formally accepted by DigiSellos.
Our products are aimed exclusively at private and professional clients (Administrations, Companies, Associations, Self-Employed, Artisans, Merchants and Liberal Professions).
PRICES – The sale prices of our catalogs include VAT, and are expressed in Euros. The prices, which appear in our sales documents, are guaranteed for the duration of their validity, except for printing errors.
GUARANTEES – All products sold by DigiSellos enjoy the guarantee offered by their manufacturers and all our Clients are covered by Law 23/2003 of 20.07.2003 on Sales Guarantees.
RESPONSIBILITY – DigiSellos will not be, in any case, responsible for possible damages of any nature, which may arise from improper use of the products.
TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP – The customer accepts that the shipping conditions for all Products are FOB (Free on Board) starting point and the transfer of risks and expenses to the customer occurs at the time DigiSellos delivers the order to the delivery company. transport. For any Product that must be offered to the client in electronic format, the client accepts that the delivery of said product must be considered made:
– At the moment in which we transmit the Product through e-mail or any other type of electronic communication addressed to the client or,
– At the time we transmit a notification to the customer that the Product is available on our Site for download.

Manufacturing, shipping and delivery of your orders

    The client is solely responsible for the data provided for the manufacture of their stamps, as well as the images and logos used for their design. You will be solely responsible for using images free of copyright or, if subject to them, having the ownership or authorization of the owner to use them. 
   Images used as logos must be monochrome, color or grayscale images are not valid. The use of invalid images will lead to redesign work that may apply additional costs that will be budgeted for the client upon request. Please note that carrying out such additional work may delay the delivery of your shipment. Characters smaller than 2 millimeters (Size in Stamp Designer – Each square represents 1 mm.) will not be legible so we recommend using a larger minimum size than indicated when adding text to your design. The designs created in the stamp designer cannot be modified by our team of designers, so we ask that you pay special attention to the use of uppercase, lowercase, accent symbols or justified lines of text. The lack or error in the data provided for the manufacture of the stamps will not give the right to cancellation or return of the order once confirmed, pay special attention to the measurement of the printable area of ​​your stamp as it is essential to ensure the legibility of the impression . If you purchase a date stamp from our Company we ensure a minimum range between dates of 5 years, usually being greater than indicated. Our Company reserves the right to modify the designs provided to ensure the legibility of the requested stamps.
   Our urgent delivery time is 24-48 hours and 3 days for standard shipments throughout the national territory, except for the Canary and Balearic Islands, with the cut-off time for order entry being established at 14:00 p.m. Any order placed after this time will be processed the next business day. For shipments abroad this period may be altered depending on the Company in charge of delivery in the destination country. The transport of the order is carried out through Agencies specialized in urgent transport, which guarantee a fast and punctual service. However, if delays occur, they will not give rise to compensation to the Client. Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m., we do not deliver on Saturdays unless requested by the customer and after consulting availability for the destination location and payment of the corresponding fee. for this service.
   The customer agrees to enable the delivery of his order by providing a delivery address where his package can be delivered within the usual hours of delivery of goods. In the event that the information provided is wrong, your shipment will be returned to our facilities, not giving rise to compensation or economic return of any kind, and you must bear the costs of the return and a new delivery if a new shipment of your item is requested. order, therefore we recommend that you carefully review the shipping information before confirming the order. In case of breach by the client of this obligation DigiSellos will not have any responsibility for the delay or impossibility of delivery of the order requested by the client. For all shipments and depending on the type of shipment selected, the current rate will be applied for postage. For special orders, transport chosen by the Client and shipments outside the Peninsula (Canary Islands and Balearic Islands), the products will be sent freight collect, unless the Client wants us to manage it on their own and invoice the corresponding cost. Likewise, if the order is heavy and bulky and needs to be handled by specialized carriers, the expenses generated by said handling will be applied. These orders must be previously consulted. During the holiday period of the current year, orders will not be served until the end of the same, at which time they will be served in strict order of arrival. The possible delays produced in this holiday period will not give rise to a return of the orders in any case. Once your order is prepared, you will be notified of the shipment by email. If for any reason there is a delay in said shipment, we will notify you of the estimated delivery time. The Recipient has the legal obligation (Art. 366 of the Commercial Code) to verify the merchandise at the time of delivery and in case of visible defects, never give conformity to the merchandise, but make the timely claim to the carrier, by means of a written reservation. on the delivery note of the carrier.
   In case of hidden damage inside the package, the claim must be made within 72 business hours after delivery, by contacting DigiSellos. The term for claims for non-receipt of an order will be 15 days from the day following its dispatch. Claims made later will not be valid.
Delivery dates are indicative: our type of work does not allow us to guarantee its absolute nature since no unforeseen production or delivery events can be anticipated.
We remind you that deliveries are made by our associated courier company, therefore, even if the merchandise is delivered to the carrier on time, it could be postponed due to poor handling of the merchandise, delivery difficulties, causes of force majeure (strikes , adverse weather conditions, holidays during transit), or because the shipping area is not serviced within standard times.


The seller is not responsible for delivery delays caused by the courier or the recipient's absence. Furthermore, we are not responsible in case the package is returned to us by the courier service due to incorrect addresses, incorrect delivery information, streets not found or others. If the package is returned to us, the customer must pay for a new shipment and to cover the storage costs incurred by us to return the package.
Your presence at the shipping address is required for the delivery of the ordered products. Tracking is automatically communicated via email directly from the courier at the end of the day. We are not responsible for delays caused by the carrier.

Two delivery attempts are made, after which the shipment is stored in the courier's local warehouse for 10 days before being returned to the sender, therefore it is especially important that the address you indicated in the order normally has someone. Who can pick up the package.

Please note that any storage costs due to incorrect or incomplete communication of the address and/or the recipient's absence for the two delivery attempts by the courier will be borne by the recipient.
The merchandise is delivered at street level.

Payment Methods 

Payment can be made by choosing any of the following methods:

– Cash on delivery, with a surcharge of 3% and a minimum of €4,50 without VAT on the total value of the order (not including VAT).
– By Bank Transfer to one of the indicated account numbers (IBAN Format):
               BBVA: ES78 0182 7669 8702 0852 9666              
               *Once you have made the transfer, you must send the receipt via e-mail to accounting@digisellos.es and automatically your order will be shipped.
– By Credit Card through a secure server.
– PayPal.
– Companies in the printing and graphic design sector that act as resellers of our products may request payment by direct debit to their bank account, upon request to open an account and approval by our Financial Department.
     DigiSellos reserves the right to modify the established payment methods at any time, being able to eliminate any of the established payment methods or add new payment methods. RESERVATION OF DOMAIN. As long as the amount of the corresponding invoice has not been fully paid, the merchandise delivered will remain the property of DigiSellos.      

Legal. Customers are informed that ALL the stamps to be manufactured, which contain official shields, belong to state companies and institutions such as schools, institutes, universities, registries of any magnitude, Police, Civil Guard, City Councils, Provincial Councils, Autonomous Communities, etc. As well as the seals of nationally and internationally recognized private entities, such as banks, insurance companies, nightclubs, technical inspection of vehicles, airlines, car manufacturers, etc. Those related to natural persons, such as collegiate professionals, state officials, sworn interpreters and translators, doctors, lawyers, solicitors, etc.:THEY MUST ACCOMPANY AN OFFICIAL AUTHORIZATION SIGNED BY SAID ENTITY/COMPANY/PERSON ISSUED TO THE INTERESTED PARTY WHO REQUESTS IT, indicating: – Authorizing Entity.
      – Name of who authorizes it and their position in the company/institution.
      – Stamp model to be manufactured.
      – Units that are authorized to be manufactured.
      – Person authorized to make the purchase.
      – Date of issue of the authorization.
DigiSellos will be able to carry out the opportune verifications of authenticity to give veracity to said authorization. This may delay the processing of the order and the customer understands that this is the case. DigiStamps will inform the competent authorities of any forgery attempt, handing over to the authorities all the information provided by the buyer. In the event that the order has been paid, the amount will not be returned unless said authorization is provided and the order is canceled through the usual channels referred to in our Purchase Conditions. In case of impossibility to present the authorization, the amount will not be returned in any case. For orders that include other products, in addition to the seal or seals subject to the need for signed authorization, the amount of any product will not be refunded nor will a partial shipment of merchandise be made, and the user may exercise their rights by the means that the law of the consumer protects him, without prejudice to DigiSellos taking legal action for the attempted counterfeiting. Orders for stamps that mention companies and/or people other than the buyer will be checked and if the order is found to be fraudulent, the purchase will be withheld under the same terms as stated above. The buyer exempts DigiSellos, owner of the website, from any responsibility derived from a malicious and fraudulent use of any product that has been purchased from DigiSellos, through the aforementioned website or the telephone service line.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws

DigiSeals, and USER, will be governed to settle any dispute that may arise from the access, or use of this Web page, by Spanish legislation, and are submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Sevillaexpressly waiving any other jurisdiction

DigiStamps reserves the right to modify the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE at any time, so please review them frequently.


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