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Bookplate Woman Reading

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  • Ex libris stamp woman reading.
  • Base and handle made of wood.
  • Ink pad available in 12 original colors.
  • Select your wooden box or bag to give an elegant touch to your gift.
  • Label with the real stamping of the Ex Libris.
  • A practical and highly original gift available for same day shipping.

Don't forget to buy the ink pad for your stamp!

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In stock

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Stamp Ex Libris Woman Reading.

Woman reading It is an Ex libris inspired by the painting of Henri Matisse Made in 1894, during his training at the School of Decorative Arts and Gustave Moreau's workshop, and therefore prior to his personal period and his militancy within the "fauve" group. In 1896 the French state acquired it for the castle of Rambouillet. It is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Bookplate is a Latin phrase that literally means, from among the books of, that is, a book from among the books of a public or private library. The Ex Libris woman reading is a property mark that is usually placed on the back of the cover or cover of a book. Contains the name of the owner of the item or of the owning library.

The design is laser engraved on a high quality rubber that offers us a high definition in the details of our stamp. The approx. 1mm embossing ensures clean and clear prints. We do not use for these cases the use of transparent polymer resins widely used by other manufacturers.

Characteristics of the stamp Ex Libris woman reading.
  • IT'S ECONOMIC – It is the ideal rubber stamp if you do not have a big budget and want to give as a gift or have an original detail.
  • IT IS USEFUL – you can mark your entire library with this Ex Libris woman reading stamp. Surely you will not lose a single book since it will always carry your personal mark. If you wish, you can add the ink pad in the color you want to use this stamp. You will find a wide range of types, sizes and colors in the section PAMPONS AND INKS for stamps.
  • IT IS ORIGINAL If you are looking for an ideal and fun gift that will surely delight the person for whom it is intended and you too.
  • EASY TO DESIGN thanks to our powerful Ex Libris stamp designer tool. Add fonts, logos and images, rotate and place all the elements of your Ex Libris stamp easily thanks to our online designer.

The Woman Reading Ex Libris seal handle is available in beech, mahogany, black or white wood. Select the type of mount you like best and add an ink pad, stamp holder or presentation box to complete your order. You can also select a presentation bag labeled with the real stamping of the Ex Libris. This will add an elegant touch to your gift. You can also add an engraved cardboard or wooden box.

Finally we remind you that if you want a complete customization of your stamp you can use our Online Designer of Ex Libris stamps. You can add text and images from our image bank to get an original ex libris stamp or select one of our templates and modify it to your liking with your personalized name.

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Weight : 150 g
Dimensions 5x5x9 cm

Books and literature



Wood colour

Varnished wood, Mahogany wood, Mahogany wood+metal, Black wood+metal, White wood+metal

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  1. Juan Antonio -

    Fast and efficient service

    Juan Antonio -

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  2. jordi serrano perez -

    Perfect Car

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  3. jordi serrano perez -

    Perfect and practical for daily use.

    jordi serrano perez -

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  4. Isaac -

    All perfect. Fast shipping on difficult dates. Suggestion for improvement: include a simple plastic protector to avoid staining something when storing the stamp.

    Isaac -

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    • DigiStamps -

      Thank you for trusting us Isaac.

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  5. Ana Lane -

    I have received it. Thank you very much. Everything's fine!

    Ana Lane -

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  6. Marta Rabella Miralles -

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  7. Marta Rabella Miralles -

    It arrived quickly and what we wanted, we will repeat

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  8. Marta Rabella Miralles -

    Very well! Thanks.

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  9. Marta Rabella Miralles -

    The print result is…impressive!

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