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Types of sealing and how to seal

Through the years since ancient times, sealing wax was used to seal letters and packages that emissaries sent to their recipients. They served as the sender's signature, since they used to have the family's coat of arms engraved, the initials... And, in addition, they ensured the confidentiality of the content to the recipient or addressee, since in order to read the letter or open the package, it was necessary to first break the wax seal. Currently it is mainly used for decorative purposes, especially in wedding envelopes or any other invitation to which we want to give an original and elegant touch.

Wax seals have always caused me a pleasant feeling because of the special charm they bring... something old, from the past that is in fashion today more than ever and that also provides unique value... Don't you agree?

sealed with wick

Sealing wax is a type of wax used since ancient times to seal envelopes and letters, documents and packages. At present, sealing is used only for aesthetic and decorative purposes, since the flaps of current envelopes are covered with wettable gum or with a self-adhesive silicone strip. The appearance of this type of envelopes made sealing wax fall into disuse.

In the Middle Ages, sealing wax was made from a yellowish resin called Venetian turpentine. This resin was mixed with wax from the bees themselves. Subsequent to the wax seals a red dye was addedcinnabarwhich improves its visibility.

 What types of sealing wax can we find at DigiSellos?

  • Traditional sealing: It is the typical dark and bright red sealing wax. This seal is hard and fragile, it breaks when trying to open the seal and thus certify that no one has tampered with it. It is the usual sealing wax but it is the one that presents the most difficulty when it comes to applying it.
  • Synthetic sealing: It is a softer and more flexible sealing. It is made from silicone-based materials and will not break. It is often used to seal wine bottles, so that when you open them, they do not fall apart or break like traditional sealing wax, but rather tear and do not dirty the table.
traditional sealing wax   sealing wax with wick   Spoon applying sealing wax   traditional sealing wax   sealed with wick

Bars, pills, mini pills… How difficult, right? Here I tell you the different formats that we can find:

  • Normal bars: They are rectangular bars that we can divide into smaller pieces and melt little by little in the sealing wax spoon. We can also melt the sealing wax stick directly, heating one of the ends of the stick with a lighter. It is the most economical method of using wax seals as no additional accessories are needed.
  • Wick bars: They are bars with a wick inside, exactly like traditional candles, which allows us to have a free hand without having to hold the lighter.
  • Gun Bars: They are synthetic, acrylic, cylindrical and very flexible sealing bars. It is an ideal option to do a lot of sealing since it is very comfortable to use and its application is super fast. But for that we need a special gun for sealing wax, with the same diameter as the bars. There are many colors available and it is the easiest and fastest way to seal. The ideal is to use a gun for each color, to prevent the sealing wax from mixing if we use different colors of sealing wax. You can also clean the gun by changing the color of the sealing wax (although some sealing wax is wasted). These sealing gun bars can also be cut into pieces with a knife or spoon sealing cutter.
  • mini pills: There are packs or bags that contain mini tablets of normal sealing wax in assorted colours. If you feel like trying out your stamp in different colors, or even mixing them up, this is a good option. You will need a spoon to seal (where you will put the mini pills), and a candle to heat the spoon underneath. 2-3 pills per stamp are usually used (make sure by looking at the manufacturer's instructions).
There are other different uses or accessories that you will be able to use with your wax seals…

  • Pills or bricks: there are also tablets or blocks of traditional and also synthetic sealing wax. They are often used to melt sealing wax in large quantities (as in the case of industrial sealing of wine bottles). But there are those who prefer to buy it that way and cut it into pieces to melt it little by little, since it is cheaper.
  • Inks for sealing wax: We can apply a layer of ink to the wax seal itself in two different ways. The first is to ink the stamp before proceeding to the sealing and thus the ink is transferred directly onto the sealing in a single step. The other option is, once the stamp has cooled, to highlight the surface of the engraving that is in relief in another tone (gold, silver... there are many combinations). You have to pass the inker very lightly over the surface of the sealing wax. We can always do tests before stamping the final stamp. 

What we usually find in stores They are the normal sealing wax bars with or without wick although it is not exactly the traditional and fragile sealing wax of before, the synthetic bars for gun and also the ideal mini tablets to experiment with color mixtures. But Before buying the sealing wax, always keep in mind the size of your seal, the number of seals you need and the indications and measurements of each manufacturer.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog and found our information useful. If you have any questions, just contact us at any time at

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