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The data that a company seal must have

Although they are not mandatory for companies and freelancers, rubber stamps for companies They are a great option in our day to day life as they allow us to streamline procedures, provide a serious image of the company and enhance our brand.

However, it is common for many professionals or businessmen not to know what the seals they use in their companies should include. Here we will guide you on the information that a rubber stamp must contain.

What data should a stamp include?

First of all, it should be noted that these data will depend on the use that is going to be given to the stamps, in addition to the type of activity. The marking that a logistics company can carry out is not the same as an administrative agency. The first will use them for, for example, the dispatch of merchandise or to deliver delivery notes; an agency will want to mark the posted documents or the paid invoices.

Thus, data will be following, depending on the type of document or purpose:

Official documents

Seal official documents

These types of documents are those related to the presentation of paperwork before the public administration. They are more formal than others, as they can be reviewed or viewed by public officials.

Among them may be payroll, contracts, budgets or models. Ideally, the minimum content of the seal should have:

Company name  (company name) or self-employed.

- Tax identification number (Company Tax Code) or Tax ID No. with your letter.

Fiscal address or, failing that, the company address.

Clients and Proveedores

Many companies decide, with good judgment, the inclusion of your commercial data if they think that those who receive the document will need the data in the future. Therefore, in these cases it is highly recommended to include:

Business name or name of the self-employed worker.

– CIF or NIF number.

– Telephone and email.

- Full address.


Stamps commercial formulas

Shipping and Warehouse

The companies that work in logistics issue many documents, since they are continuously receiving or dispatching merchandise. In the same way, they have to collect delivery notes, certificates or letters in which numerous data must appear, so it is recommended that the stamp has as much information as possible. Remember that it is documentation or paperwork that will pass through many hands, so it is key to make the logo visible so that, among other things, the company's image becomes known. It is recommended include so:

Name of the worker or the name of the company.


Full address.

Email and phone. Website if desired.

These are the main data what should include your rubber stamp. Remember that if you want to create a stamp of this type or expand the existing data in it, DigiSellos can help you.

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