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Steps to change the ink pad on rubber stamps Trodat 1

Often simply changing the cartridge for rubber stamp, you can use it again as the first day, ensuring a multitude of impressions for much longer. But is it an easy task or does it require some skill? Continue reading this article and you will see how in just a few minutes your rubber stamps Trodat are up and running again.


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How to change the ink pad of rubber stamps Trodat?

With 5 easy steps, you can replace your rubber stamp pad and start printing again. It will only take you 2 minutes!



Important information:


  •    The ink pad is located at the back of the stamping area.
  •    On the sides of the stamp are cone-shaped buttons that hold the stamp in place.
  •    On the front is a small button, which ejects the ink pad.

Explanatory image that informs about the change of hash in stamps Trodat


Step 1:


Holding the rubber stamp with the back facing you, press down on the stamp a little, until the bottom line of the stamp meets the top line of the ink pad. Press the buttons on both sides of the rubber stamp Trodat, to lock the seal stay in place.


Step 2:


Use your fingertip and push the button on the front of the rubber stamp to release the ink pad out. You may have to shake the seal slightly for the pad to release fully and smoothly.


Step 3:


Remove the ink pad from its slot. Set it aside for disposal.


Step 4:


Now insert the new ink pad. This should be inserted looking down. You will hear a “click” when you are in your place.


Step 5:


Make sure it works smoothly, that nothing is stuck or out of place.


That's all! Changing the ink pad on stamps Trodat It was very easy, wasn't it?


                                              Ink pads and bottles for use on stamps trodat

Currently there are no problems finding ink cartridges for rubber stamps. In fact, at you will find a wide variety of pads for stamps in many different colours. The effects can be amazing!! Years ago, there were hardly any color varieties, but the evolution achieved in the manufacture of rubber stamps has allowed the launch of a greater range of accessories to obtain the maximum functionality of this article.


Follow these steps and “activate” your rubber stamp again Trodat.

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  1. Thanks for the post. The truth is that it has been of great help to me. Despite having a very simple system for changing the pad of my stamp Trodat I had some doubts as I had never done it before. Now my stamp prints like the first day!

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